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Photo Paper Sample Pack (1 pack per customer)

Two(2) 4"x6" sheets each of our most popular photo papers.

A total of 16 sheets, delivered for free in the contiguous United States, so get one today and try out our popular paper before buying a pack!

Packing List

  01. RCP Supreme Glossy 270gsm

  02. RCP Supreme Satin 270gsm

  03. RCP Pearl Lustre 250gsm

  04. RCP Supreme Glossy 300gsm

  05. RCP Pearl Lustre 300gsm

  06. Premium Matte 230gsm

  07. Ivory Matte 230gsm

  08. Warmtone Matte 230gsm


* Sheets are not individually marked. 

* Sample pack are delivered via USPS First Class mail, separately from other products.

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